What are Catfishing Rigs and how to use them

The way you setup your fishing line with the bait and the method you use to attract bigger fish is called a “catfishing rig”. Catfish rigs vary in size and built. Usually, in order to catch a bigger fish you will need a bigger rig. However, getting yourself a complicated catfish rig is not always necessary. The idea that the more complicated the rig is the bigger the caught fish will be is wrong. Usually using something simple and the right bait is more than enough.

The most common and most popular rig ease the deep catfish rig. This rig requires a weight to be placed at the end of the line in order to avoid any difficulties. The weight at that should not be greater than an ounce and should be tied at the end of the line a little lower from the bait with what anglers nowadays call a Palomar knot. This kind of knot is very simple to tie and can rarely be drawn loose. It is more common for the line to snap them for such a knot to loosen. Also make sure the bait is securely hooked so that the fish cannot run away with it.

The hook must be tied 12 to 18 inches up from the end of the line and implicitly from the weight. You should tie a loop into the line in order to hold your hook. Use smaller hooks for small fish and bigger, more complicated hooks for catfish such as the Flathead or the Blue catfish. Also remember that for fishing in shallow waters you will need a shallow catfish rig. For this you will need catfish bobbers. You just have to place a bobber 2 to 3 feet from the hook depending on how deep you want to fish. Be very considerate of the type of fish you want to catch when deciding on the hook and bait you will use.

If you choose to set up your own rig, you can ask an expert on how to build it or you can download information off the internet and just practice on building the rig. However, it is easier to just buy the catfishing rigs at the market along with bait, rods and other fishing equipments, since they are already set up and ready to use. But for a very passionate fisherman, building your own rig is a matter of pride and skill, especially when you can tell everyone you caught an enormous catfish with a handmade rig.
All in all, you may choose from different types of catfish rigs. Each of them has a unique design and purpose and the decision-making process you must consider more than the fish if you want to catch. There are factors like season, weather and temperature that of a great influence upon the fish, their lifestyle and eating habits. Properly setting up catfishing rigs will increase your chance to catch bigger and more beautiful fish.



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