Catfishing bait

Attempting to catch a large cat fish will always be a lot easier if natural food bait is used. The cat fish eats just about anything, so being creative about conceiving bait is not excluded. What cat fish really loves is worms, chicken liver, marshmallows, small frogs, minnows, night crawlers or grasshoppers. Also, it is highly recommended to explore different types of senses when creating bait. Catfish have a powerful sense of smell, thus the fish will be lured even more by smelly bait.

Most people prefer to use worms for catfishing bait. The worms can be easily found in the back of your garden if you dig deep for them and get your hands dirty. The worms for Catfishing bait can also be bought from bait stores, but these can be different specie than the ones you find in the back of your yard. Crawlers can be purchased from fishing stores two, and a combination between the two would double the chances for a big fish caught.

Catfish seems to absolutely love shrimp or prawns. However there are a few tricks to do when using this type of catfishing bait. Before hooking up your bait, it is best to cut a party of it if it seems too large. Also, soak the bait into fish oil for a while. This way, the smell will become stronger and the catfish can pick it up a lot faster. To obtain much better results by using this type of bait, you should purchase it fresh instead of frozen.

Homemade Catfishing bait can give you amazing results. Peanut butter and corn flakes make perfect bait when mixed together. Beside the fact that the smell will lure the catfish to your hook, the bait will also be harder to take by smaller fish. Sweet corn can also do the trick, as long as the peanut butter is not a part of this mixture. In this case, bread can be pressed against the corn to cover the hook. Like the previous home-made catfishing bait, this bait will lure the catfish, but it will be impossible for smaller fish to take the bait out of the hook.

Catfish can eat practically anything they can. Another thing they love is cheese. Though it may sound funny, Catfishing bait made out of cheese can be found in fishing stores, next to the worm offer.
When fishing this specie it is easy to play with the bait you make. It would truly be a pity not to experiment and try different types of homemade bait. Beside the fact that you will not pay for the store baits, you will also get the chance of improving bait by adding different types of smells to it, such as sweet corn or peanut butter. Because the catfish will eat absolutely anything, you can also try sour, or fish smells and even real small fishes.



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